Water Entry Structures for Sea Water Desalination Plant, Ashkelon

Constructing three concrete structures 10M high with an octagonal base.


Inside the element a pipe was assembled, used to pass sea water from the structure top to the pipe at the sea bed which leads the water to the plant on land.


Flooding tanks were attached to each element; two large cranes raised the element and placed it in the sea when the flooding tanks flooded the element.


The elements were transported to a distance... READ MORE


The elements were transported to a distance of approximately two kilometers into the sea where they were sunk to the sea bed and placed on a previously prepared floor and attached to the underground pipe.


In addition to the planned floor we constructed an additional floor where templates were installed which enabled placing the screws designated for the flooding tanks, in the floor with the utmost required accuracy.


Each element was cast in one casting to the height of 10M with self-leveling concrete. In order to do so a completely impermeable mold was required and of appropriate strength suited for liquid concrete casting of 10M height. Likewise, special supports were required in order to affix the pipe to its place during the casting and to prevent its flooding by the concrete as well as temporarily filling the pipe with sand.


The casts were implemented at high level so that no problems occurred during the flooding tank attachment and no cracks at all were formed in the elements.


Flooding tanks were attached by screws to the structures. Each structure was raised by two large cranes which placed the structure in the sea. The structures were flooded by the flooding tanks and were dragged 2km into the sea where they were sunk to the sea bed. In order to connect the construction and the flooding tanks maximal accuracy was required in placing the screws emerging from the floor structure. In order to implement the screws with the maximal accuracy required we implemented an additional concrete floor where templates were assembled. After casting this additional floor the templates were measured and screws were prepared accordingly, to the required maximal accuracy. 


In order to achieve an un-cracked element for prolonged durability in the sea, we were required to implement the structure in one cast using self-leveling concrete. To achieve this high quality molds bearing complete impermeability were required at a height of approximately 10M including a spherical pole with an inner pipe which emerges on the side of a designated structure which required special molds as well as a solution for anchoring the pipe during casting, to do so we implemented anchoring frames accordingly and sand filling in the pipe during casting. 


Water Entry Structures for Sea Water
Water Entry Structures for Sea Water
Water Entry Structures for Sea Water
Water Entry Structures for Sea Water
Water Entry Structures for Sea Water
Water Entry Structures for Sea Water


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