Tel Aviv Main Marine Platform

This project included under water constructions, dismantling the existing platform, casting head beams in the water on top of the existing piles, assembling the new platform which is composed of prefabricated elements 12M long, assembling bollards and fenders.


The 12x2M sized elements were... READ MORE

The 12x2M sized elements were cast in the marine itself due to transportation limitations.


Due to the area limit and in order to withstand schedule, the reinforcing bar for the prefabricated element was transported to the marine as a welded cage sized 12/2/1.2M.


The casting was implemented using slag cement B-60 concrete with slag cement. Slag cement concrete is a special concrete, particularly dense and non-shrink, and thus a chloride impermeable concrete is obtained. One of the challenges was processing the prefabricated element surface with a scoured finish in order to prevent slipping and to obtain a unified smooth appearance required by the client. 


Obtaining the required finish is particularly difficult with slag cement concrete. In order to obtain the required finish we constructed a shading pavilion (sun ray heat on the concrete surface creates a crust on the surface which does not enable the required finish).


We planned construction the casts at the end of the work day so that smoothing and scouring the concrete was constructed during the night when the temperature was relatively low. The implementation in the sea was done by professional divers specializing in underwater implementation such as metal cutting, welding etc.


construction marine works
construction marine works
construction marine works