Private House, Ramat Hasharon

This house was built aiming to ensure minimal maintenance over the years.


The construct is covered in silicate bricks with "fugues" in a single straight line combined into the pillars and beams with exposed concrete (silicate bricks are different from construction bricks and therefore their laying requires utmost accuracy.


 The external walls are composed of concrete and they're internally coated by plaster and insulation.

The plaster on the house interior including the ceilings was composed of full plaster and spatula which enabled obtaining a particularly high planarity and finish level. 

The flooring is marble with sub-floor heating.


One internal wall of the house is an exposed concrete wall to which "floating" wooden stairs are attached. In order to attach the wooden stairs to the exposed concrete without exposing the connections, the wall was cast together with the metal connections to which the stairs are attached.


A part of the house is an open space 6M high. In order to esthetically prevent acoustic problems in the high space, a punctured plaster ceiling with according acoustic insulation was constructed. Concrete rooms were constructed on the roof, where air conditioning units are placed for noise prevention and for accessible unit maintenance.




Exterior private villa
Interior high ceiling
Private house construction
Private cottage
floating stairs on bear concrete wal
Entrance Gate
Construction of private villa
External pathway