High standard residential building
Yarkon river bank, Tel – Aviv.

Demolition of two old residential building and construction of a new, seven stores, high-standard residential building with basement under the entire land, for parking, deep piles foundations, dewatering for the foundation construction, post-tensioning, beams and slab concrete for long spans and transformation of loads.

High standards throughout.

Construction Status:  completion of the foundations and basement floor, basement wall and slab under construction.

Due to a challenging logistic situation and no land for organization, it was decided to use a crane, prefabricated reinforcement and shuttering to allow for timely completion of the project.




The contractor is a joint venture of Yaron Tibet and J. Lipinsky.
The project's manager is engineer Daniel Lipinsky who finished last year the stabilization of an existing residential building for seismic loading resistance, according to Israel's earthquake regulations, and construction of additional two stories.



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